ReavillMED products provide a series of sequential IV access steps that allow a patient to pass through the entire healthcare process on a single needle.  As conditions and therapies progress, this single needle adapts with the healthcare delivery process to provide the appropriate IV catheter for the therapy required.  From central lines that measure critical diagnostics, to high flow volume catheters that rapidly infuse contrast dye to long term central lines that can be used for a year, ReavillMED provides a one stick solution.


· Savings – We reduce hospital waste by consolidating and streamlining the amount of products required for routine IV access.

· Safety – We move the central line insertion to the arm instead of the neck to reduce the risk of serious injury during insertion and better prevent infection.

· Infection Prevention – We help promote compliance with the CDC’s central line bundle recommendation of “maximum sterile barrier during insertion” with our unique closed system of catheter insertion.

· Simple – Easy to learn, our method is more like delivering an infusion than having to learn a surgical procedure.


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