Central Lines Don’t Have to Be a Pain in the Neck

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ReavillMED is named after Fred Reavill who died of a central line infection in 1994.  He was 59, a farmer, school teacher and the father of 4 boys and grandfather of 1.

The third son of Fred is Matt Reavill who is the founder of ReavillMED and the inventor of a prevention for this condition.  With over 18 years of working with IV supplies, Matt develop a very simple method of catheter insertion.   Simply infuse it in.

It is the hope of ReavillMED to spread this technology into common practice to stop deaths from Central Line Infections by never letting the infection occur from the barbaric, unclean and unsafe practice of conventional CVC insertions.  Since CVCs are primarily placed in emergency, that’s where were going first.   We sincerely hope that the loss we’ve endured won’t happen to anyone else ever again.

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