ReavillMED products are FDA cleared for US Sale


Neonatal and Pedicatric Versions

ReavillMED CVP - 660925B

660925B    ReavillMED CVP (5 Units/Box)    Box 5
660925A    ReavillMED 14 Guage PIV    Box 50
660925C    ReavillMED PIV to 5F Conversion Kit    Box 10
660925D    ReavillMED Catheter Discharge Kit    Box 5
660925P    ReavillMED Power Infusion Conversion Kit    Box 5
660925S    ReavillMED Severe Sepsis Screening Kit    Box 10
660925V    ReavillMED 6-Lumen Adapter    Box 50
660925G    ReavillMED CHG IV Start Kit    Box 50
660925U    ReavillMED Ultrasound IV Start Kit    Box 20